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Vote Today

Dear Neighbor,

What I’ve heard from you
Since this campaign began two months ago, I’ve been out every day, on countless doorsteps and at community gatherings, talking to lots of people all across our district. I’ve talked about my experience and my vision for community, sustainability and justice. I’ve shared my passion for the power of coalition-building and public policy to improve people’s lives. And I’ve listened to you. I’ve heard people’s fears for our country and their hopes for a more just, more sustainable and more equitable future. I’ve heard people tell me they are eager for leaders of substance. They want leaders who can stand up for what’s right and bring people together for real change.

You don’t need to wonder what I stand for. I’ve been open and transparent on the issues that you’ve asked me about. We’ve filmed 10 videos that include specific policy proposals for future legislation, not just easy slogans. People tell me it is because of this depth of substance that I won the straw poll after the DFL Candidate Forum. Our website also includes professional translations into Somali and Spanish.

You’ve told me loud and clear that it’s not enough to send someone to the Capitol to vote. We need to elect someone who gets real results. Especially now in the time of Trump, we must take charge of our state to deliver as progressives on the issues you’ve talked to me about on your doorsteps: education, immigration, climate change, gun violence, the cost of tuition, wages, affordable housing, transit, racial disparities, health care, environmental justice, combating the influence of big money and more.

You don’t need to wonder what I can do. I have a proven record of building coalitions to beat big money and win real results.

Community Support
When it comes to effectiveness, you don’t have to take my word for it. Many residents and community leaders have endorsed my campaign because they’ve seen my work. You can read my endorsements, including the Sierra Club endorsement for my environmental record and agenda.

Most of all, in all these conversations, I’ve seen people are energized, channeling their outrage, and turning it into motivation for action. I know that with lots of hard work, together we can organize, win, save our democracy and deliver the changes people need.

Thank you for your openness with me and all the great conversations. I ask for your vote today so we can move forward together.

Peter Wagenius

Sierra Club Proudly Endorses Peter

Peter earns the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

“The Sierra Club is proud to endorse Peter Wagenius for House District 60B. Peter impressed us with his commitment to addressing climate change, environmental justice, transportation options and protecting Minnesota’s clean air, water and lands. He brings a wealth of environmental policy and political experience and we look forward to his leadership in the Minnesota House.”
— Sierra Club
North Star Chapter

Sierra Club

Council Member Lisa Bender Endorses Peter

Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Bender Endorses Peter for State House.

“I’ve worked with Peter for a decade and I know first hand that he is uniquely skilled at finding the connections between global problems like climate change and local solutions like transportation equity and environmental justice in our neighborhoods.”
— Lisa Bender
City Council Member

Peter is Honored by the Endorsement of Jose Velez.

Peter is honored by the endorsement of former co-worker and long-time friend Jose Velez.

“I’ve known Peter for many years. When Governor Pawlenty attacked the City of Minneapolis, Peter worked hard and strategically to push back. We can count on him to stand up for us. Peter knows how to build coalitions and he knows how to fight for our communities.”
— Jose Velez

Peter is Proud to be Endorsed by Senator Scott Dibble.

Peter is proud to be endorsed by progressive leader Senator Scott Dibble.

“Peter is the real deal. From affordable housing and transit to human rights to gun violence prevention, Peter is a leader for progressive change. His commitment to social and economic justice is unwavering.”
— Scott Dibble
MN State Senator (DFL-61)

Peter Endorsed by Bridget Ferguson

Minneapolis Public school parent and active community member Bridget Ferguson supports and endorses Peter Wagenius.

“Peter attended Minneapolis Public schools. Peter wants all children to have the opportunities he had. He will be a fierce advocate for state funds for education from pre-school to higher education.”
— Bridget Ferguson

LaTrisha Vetaw Endorses Peter

LaTrisha Vetaw, Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner At-Large, endorses Peter Wagenius for State Representative, 60B.

“We know Peter will fight hard for our parks and for pedestrian and bicycle safety because he has done it already: passing the Complete Streets policy, building the bike network, starting Nice Ride and passing the 20 Year Parks & Streets Infrastructure Investment Plan. Peter is a progressive who gets results for our communities.”
— LaTrisha Vetaw
Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner At-Large

Press Release: Wagenius Wins 60B Straw Poll

Wagenius wins over all other in candidates in House District 60B Straw Poll

Minneapolis, MN – Peter Wagenius, DFL candidate for House District 60B, won the straw poll conducted at the DFL Candidate Forum last night over six other candidates.

Due to the recent vacancy of the DFL endorsed candidate, Senate District 60 held a candidate forum to give voters the opportunity to engage with all seven DFL candidates before the August 14th primary.

“Last night at the SD60 DFL Candidate Forum, I spoke about my vision of community, sustainability and justice. I’m really happy to have won the straw poll!” said Wagenius. “I want to thank the organizers (Sonia, Aisha, Steve and Maleah) and all the people who came out on a hot Monday night in July to participate in our democracy.”

Peter has been out talking to a lot of people in the community. He is hearing people channeling their outrage, and turning it into motivation for action. Last night’s straw poll win serves as momentum and proves the community’s desire to save our democracy and deliver the changes people need.

Wagenius added “I’m a proven coalition builder with a record of results that improve people’s lives.”


Peter Earns Endorsement of Cam Gordon

I am honored to have the endorsement of a great progressive leader, City Council Member Cam Gordon.

“I know that Peter will fight for our shared values like protecting the environment and people’s health, because I’ve been fortunate to work with him on these issues. He was instrumental in securing long-term funding for our parks and streets, protecting people from secondhand smoke, protecting workers with earned sick and safe time and one fair wage, and fighting climate change at the local level. He will be an effective, passionate leader in the legislature from day one.”
— Cam Gordon
City Council Member

Pride Parade

“One of the many things I love about attending Pride each year is how it’s like a reunion: an opportunity to connect with friends.”
— Peter Wagenius

Peter, daughter, and Scott Dibble at Pride.