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Transit Access to Jobs & School

Peter worked at the City for many years to make real progress toward a real regional transit system so everyone can get access to jobs and schools. This work requires hard work and coalition-building skills. Peter will continue to work at the State House for as long as it takes to get it done!

Standing Up for Our Values & Our Neighbors

From the day Trump took office, Cities have been on the front lines of standing up for our neighbors against his racism, xenophobia and hatred of Muslims. But what about States? What could we do if states were also on the front line against Trump’s authoritarianism and bigotry? Peter outlines some of what we must do.

Grassroots vs. Big Money

The corrupting influence of Big Money is not just damaging our democracy in Washington. In Minnesota, Big Money stands in the way of health care for all, real action on climate change, raising wages statewide and so much more. Peter discusses how we can push back from the grassroots.

Getting Serious About Climate Change

Getting serious about climate change means challenging big money and throwing out old ways of doing things – Peter will build on his experience with establishing the Clean Energy Partnership and concentrate similar efforts including expanding solar and passing the highest renewable energy standard possible.

Preventing Disparities Early

Reducing racial disparities must begin in early childhood. Peter will fight for universal, culturally-specific, free preschool and equitable funding for our public schools based on child need. There is much we can do for our youngest children and future generations when we get clear about our priorities and demand progressive action.

What’s Next in Transportation?

Our dynamic period of innovation in transportation calls for good public policy that can shape our future to improve people’s lives.

Health Care: Taking on Entrenched Special Interests

Affordable healthcare should be a right — we need a single payer system or Medicare For All. It will be a fight against special interest groups, but Peter has made a career out of taking on entrenched special interests in long-term fights, beating them, and getting progressive results that have improved people’s lives.

Raising Wages

Peter worked hard at City Hall with a big coalition to pass a $15 minimum wage. To really address economic inequality, we need to do for all workers what Minneapolis has done for its workers — pass a state-wide minimum wage.

Reconnecting Cedar/Riverside

Cedar Riverside is a perfect example of how past decisions were made to separate people — and some of what we can do to reconnect our communities.

Defending Our Schools

Peter, a proud graduate of Minneapolis public schools, speaks about defending state funds for education.