Meet Peter

Peter is active in public service, progressive campaigns and community organizing – and has been his whole life.

Peter Waa Kuma?
Acerca de Peter

Peter is passionate about the power of public service to improve people’s lives. His passion has driven him though 16 years at the City of Minneapolis and 5 years working for State Senate Democrats as a writer/researcher, specializing in housing, jobs, energy, community development and transportation.

Peter also worked at an educational theater company teaching social skills including violence prevention, embracing gender equity, combating sexual harassment, and providing accommodations for children with learning challenges.

You don’t need to wonder if Peter is effective. He has a record of success in building coalitions to get real results.

Peter is a proud graduate of the Minneapolis Public Schools. He has lived in House District 60B for over 20 years.

Peter and his wife Mandy, a social worker by training who now works in philanthropy, were married in 2011 at Saint Anthony Falls. they are raising two daughters, a four year old and a one year old.

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