Dear Neighbor

It was great to hear from so many friends last night! Many people were following the results on the Secretary of State website which showed me leading by 121 votes with one precinct left to report. So most folks were texting or calling to congratulate me on my victory! I tried to respond and let folks know I wasn’t going to prevail in the end. That makes for an interesting night and a swirl of emotions for my supporters.

Many thanks to all my volunteers, doorknockers, event co-hosts, endorsers and voters. We packed a year’s worth of campaigning into just ten weeks. I’m very grateful for your help and very proud of our positive and substantive campaign.

Congratulations to Mohamud Noor in HD60B and all of last night’s victors. The statewide turnout for progressives was encouraging, but there is no evidence to believe a blue wave will just happen in Minnesota. We have to build it. It’s not enough to enjoy Tim Pawlenty’s demise.

It’s time to unite all those who recognize what is at stake. To save our democracy and our planet, we must aim higher. In addition to the statewide races, we must pick up at least two seats in Congress and take the State House. That will be harder work because of how votes are distributed geographically in our State. But we can’t settle for less. Our future depends on it.

One final thought: I ask everyone to not think of doorknocking as something other people do. It’s something we all need to do. It’s all volunteers. You should be one of them. It may seem intimidating at first, but you will get better at it. And it works. Between now and November, I will be heading out into swing districts to have face-to-face conversations. That’s the best (and possibly only) antidote to the dangerous information bubble created by social media and Fox.

Taking action (not through a keyboard) is also an antidote to how you feel. If reading the news increases your anxiety, that’s because you’re sane and you care. You’re not alone. I feel it too. But I feel better when I know I’m making a difference. You will feel better too, by doorknocking. Join me.

Peter Wagenius

p.s. Now it’s time for my best volunteer to get one last ride to pre-school on the longtail bike —
while it’s still decked out!