Thank You

Peter Wagenius has a record of success in building coalitions, pushing government agencies and wrestling bureaucracies to get real results that improve people’s lives. He will be a fierce advocate for a strong progressive agenda at the Capitol in St. Paul. You can help Peter get results with your donation to his campaign for the open seat for State House. Please contribute.

Political Contribution Refund Program

Peter’s campaign will send a receipt to Minnesota residents so you can receive a political contribution refund from the state of up to $50 per person or $100 per married couple. This Minnesota refund program is an essential tool for reducing the power of big money in politics. Please use it! Learn more.

Contribution Limits

Peter signed up to agree to voluntary campaign spending limits at the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. That means $1000 is the maximum contribution he can accept from any one individual.

Minnesota statutes require we report the employer (or occupation if self-employed), of any individual that during the year has made one or more contributions that exceed $100 (total). Please include that information with your donation, if applicable.

Donate by Check

Donating online is the fastest way to contribute, but the campaign also appreciates donations by check. Make checks payable to Volunteers for Peter Wagenius. Include employer and occupation in the memo field.

Mail your check to:

Volunteers for Peter Wagenius
48 Melbourne Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414